Undirvísing fyri tilflytarar

Lessons in Faroese language and society for foreigners living in Eysturkommuna.”

Skeiðið er fyri tilflytarar (nýbyrjarar og nakað framkomin).

Hóskvøld kl. 19:00-21:00 (møguliga onkrar leygardagar eisini)

Stað: Leirvíkar skúli

Lærarar: Tórhild og Rúni Bjarkhamar

It is not necessary to register. We begin October 21st.

You can also register on tlf. 273329

During the course we will learn how to make ourselves understandable in Faroese. We are going to learn the alphabet, pronounciation, various greetings, to say who we are, and where we live, working related dialogue and more that we jointly feel is necessary. The purpose of the course is also to help you better understand Faroese society.
You don’t need to bring books for the courses, but pen, paper and enthusiasm are quite practical